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Welcome to the Jackson County Assessor’s website! We are proud to offer you this informational website and hope you find it helpful in answering any questions you may have. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call us at (580) 482-0787 and our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.


I am honored and grateful for serving as your Jackson County Assessor since 2013. It is a privilege to work for the taxpayers of Jackson County and I continue to hold the position of Assessor to the highest standard. I further my knowledge with continuing education yearly for my Advanced Accreditation for Assessors from Oklahoma State University Center for Local Government Technology. I have worked for the residents of Jackson County for over 25 years and been a resident for 40+ years. I am the proud daughter of U.S. Air Force Veteran, John Gonzales, who retired as a flight engineer on the C-141’s with Altus Air Force Base in 1981. I have been married to Rex Roberson for 38 years and we co-own a cow/calf operation in the Duke Community. I diligently work with the School Districts and other entities in Jackson County to get the best out of the Ad Valorem dollars with knowledge, leadership and integrity. I have an open-door policy and am always here to assist the taxpayers of Jackson County.


Jackson County real estate records are available online and free to the public.


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Tax Levy Information

Taxing District Millage Levy
Navajo 90.43
Duke 101.86
Altus 85.24
Olustee/Eldorado 74.93
Blair 95.84
Mangum/Greer 81.73